Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Hideaway Conceal Carry Bag

Welcome to the Hideaway Concealed Carry Bag Website. 
My Concealed Carry bags are called the Hideaway Bag. It has a hidden pocket(s) to conceal a gun. 

More women are carrying guns in their handbags for their safety. These are made that the gun is not inside of the bag, so when they are looking for something, there wont be a chance of it going off. They are custom made and there are no two bags alike. They can be ordered to be custom made just for you. Click on the link below to go to my Hideaway Bags online store where you can purchase them. When you get there click on the items photo and it will take you to see more details, prices and how to purchase them, etc.

There are two arrows on each side of the photo. Click on them and you will be able to see other photos of the same bag. Prices will vary according to size, fabric, accessories and detail. Price, description and stock number is on each of the photos. If you are interested in having one custom made just for you please contact me for details and give me your phone number when contacting me so I can call you back.

Keep checking back often to see my upcoming bags. 

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